Stout And Porter Stroll


March sees the Nottingham CAMRA Stout and Porter event. It is a month of campaigning in order to promote two of the oldest beer styles still drunk in Britain today - and this year we have a magnificent total of sixty eight pubs for you to visit.

The Stroll takes place from Sunday 1st March through to Tuesday 31st March 2020. To support the event, participants visited the pubs to find out what was available; many outlets stocked several different beers throughout the stroll. 

The participants can cast their votes for two awards - The best Pint of Stout or Porter and The best display during the stroll.  

Click on the two gentlemen to download this years Stout and Porter stroll.

Beers you might find on the Stroll

Nottingham can boast many different stouts and porters, keep an eye out for these in March.

Lincoln Green Brewing Co.

Tuck Porter 4.7%

Full bodied and dependable.  A rich, smooth and well rounded porter.
Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire 2014
East Midlands Regional Champion Beer of Britain 2014 – Joint Silver
East Midlands Regional Champion Beer of Britain 2016 – Bronze
East Midlands Regional Champion Beer of Britain RAIB 2016 – Bronze
East Midlands Champion Beer of Britain 2017 – Gold
This most recent award will see Tuck heading to London as a finalist in the Champion Beer of Britain awards in 2018!

Quarterstaff Stout 5.0%

An occasional beer, and highly rated as a great traditional stout.
It's packed full of flaked oats for a rich mouthfeel and has a lovely hop bitterness
coming from Brewer's Gold, Bramling Cross and Fuggles.

Blackshale Back Ripper Milk Oatmeal Stout 5.9%

Part of the Blackshale range, named after the coal seam running beneath the brewery, Back Ripper is an unrelenting, luxuriously smooth stout with lashings of milk lactose and oatmeal for a superb rich mouthfeel.

Blackshale Shotfirer White Stout 4.5%

With flaked oats for a stout body, the traditional roasted flavours come from cacao nibs and 200degrees coffee beans.  Close your eyes and you're drinking a stout, open them and it's an unfined pale!

Josef Keller Chocolate Cherry Stout 4.8%

The lashings of chocolate malt used in this one have been sweetened with malt extract and the cherry flavours are accentuated by the addition of a nip of Kirsch!


Castle Rock Brewery

Sherwood Reserve Stout 4.5%

The dark ale is described as rich in taste, with much of its bitterness coming from the intensely roasted malt.  It has a rich aroma of coffee and chocolate, with a delicate hop character.

Dennis McCarthy London style Porter 4.2%

From the Nottinghamian range, this beer celebrates Dennis McCarthy MBE, BBC Radio DJ.
A classic London-style porter, livened up with two distinct infusions of fresh, locally roasted Colombian coffee.


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