The LocAle scheme was created here in the Nottingham Branch in 2007. The catalyst was the buy out and subsequent closure of Hardy & Hansons by Greene King. They then started brewing various H&H beers at Bury St. Edmunds and transporting it all the way back to Nottingham. This led to thinking about the miles that the beer was traveling. Hence we coined the phrase"Beer Miles".

The Locale scheme is for a pub to always stock at least one real ale brewed at a brewery no more than 20 miles from door to door (this may vary in other CAMRA branch areas). Encouraging pubs to sell local beer reduces the "beer miles" thus benefiting the environment.

  • It ensures more variety and diversity to the consumer, and hence better sales for the pub.
  • It helps sustain the local micro brewers.
  • It benefits the local economy.

Though initially the scheme was only in the Nottingham area it has recently been rolled out nationally, and more branches are now signing up to it. It was at this stage it was re branded to CAMRA LocAle and you should now start to see LocAles up and down the country.

The Nottingham branch now has over 120 pubs signed up to the scheme.

You will find that participating pubs will display appropriate stickers in windows and doors, visible from outside.

You can find pubs in the scheme in the Nottingham area here. Pub List

You may also see various posters around the pub

You will always know a LocAle because it will have  a pump clip topper attached


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