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Stocking a LocAle beer can enable you to differentiate yourself from other local pubs, thereby gaining you new customers and increasing your beer sales. Stocking locally brewed real ale will also give you business the edge over supermarkets and off licences selling low-cost mass-market lagers.

If you wish to benefit from participation and join the other 100 plus pubs in Nottingham, CAMRA LocAle scheme you must agree to endeavour to ensure that at least one locally-brewed real ale (within 20 miles of the brewery) is on sale at all times and supporting the LocAle pump crown. Only real ale can be promoted as a CAMRA LocAle

You can contact us via the above email link, via one of our members or committee if they visit your pub. We will drop by to see you and expalain further the system. If we agree to go ahead you will receive a start up pack with leaflets, stickers, crowns and a brewery list of those breweries that are within the 20 mile radious of your pub.

You will then be informaly monitored by CAMRA memebers to ensure that a LocAle is always on and displaying the pump crown (or Topper). We appreciate that there may be odd times it is impossible to conform to this i.e. A bad cask or just running out for a few days, we do take this into account. But it soon becomes apparent if this is more a normal trend than just the odd time or two. We also monitor the quality to ensure the beers are served to an acceptable quality.

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