Introducing the 4th Nottingham CAMRA IPA Hop Friday 4th August to Thursday 31st August

With the success of both the Mild Trail and Stout & Porter Stroll in promoting different styles of beer throughout the year, we decided to launch our very first Nottingham CAMRA IPA Trail in 2014. 

Nottingham CAMRA’s first IPA Trail was organised by some of the branch’s Young Members with assistance of other members of the committee in the first year - and with 34 pubs taking part from 23rd to 31st August, it was more successful than we imagined!  It ran for just one week and was so successful that we are putting on the event every year and rebranding it as the IPA Hop for one month. 

There was a minimum restriction of 5.5% ABV as a ‘tip of the hat’ not only to the original style IPAs which had to make the trip across the ocean to India, but to traditional British brewing as a whole, which was once upon a time much stronger than the typical session ales we see today.

You can download the 2017 IPA Hop leaflet here 

An alternative version has been created by Lorna Stevens, which lays out the pubs in a more geographical way, download here

Pub Updates

The Abdication is part of the IPA Hop 2017, and will have IPA on the bar, and will also be able to provide a sticker.



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