Pub and Brewery History

The Nottingham Branch Area has a rich history of brewing and associated activities. In this section of the Branch Website, the Nottingham Branch of CAMRA hopes to bring together useful bits of information for those interested in our pub and brewery heritage.

Useful Books on Local Pubs and Breweries

There are a number of books useful to those interested in knowing more about our local pubs and breweries, including:

Local Coverage

(1) Images of England - Nottingham Pubs; Douglas Whitworth; 2010; The History Press; ISBN 978-0-7524-3243-4

An excellent collection of pub photos from across the Nottingham city area, many from the 1970s. Originally published in 2004 by Tempus Publishing. Annoyingly my copy does not have an index. 

National Coverage

(1) A Dictionary of Pub Names; Leslie Dunkling & Gordon Wright; 1987; Routledge & Kegan Paul Limited, London

Also published as:

(2) The Wordsworth Dictionary of Pub Names; Leslie Dunkling & Gordon Wright; 1994; Wordsworth Editions Limited, Ware; ISBN 1-85326-334-6

An excellent introduction to the world of pub names with many examples from the Nottingham area.

(3) English Inn and Tavern Names; Barrie Cox; 1994; Centre for English Name Studies, University of Nottingham; ISBN 0-952-534-304

An analysis of the information concerning the names of public houses available from the research undertaken by the English Place Name Society upto the mid-1990s. A serious attempt to put pub names into a historical context which is also a surprisingly easy read. Some Nottingham examples with a detailled analysis of Rutland pub names.

(4) Britain's Best Real Heritage Pubs; Geoff Brandwood; 2013; Campaign for Real Ale; ISBN 978-1-85249-304-2

An review of pub interiors of outstanding historic interest, only four from Nottinghamshire make the grade. Sadly one of those, the Five Ways, is no longer a public house.

(5) Ye Olde Good Inn Guide; James Monroe & Paul Nero; 2013; The History Press; ISBN 978-0-7524-8061-9

An amusing book which purports to be a Tudor traveller's guide "to the Nation's Finest Taverns". The usual ancient suspects from Nottingham.


An often overlooked part of the brewing process, the prodution of malt from barley was a major agricultural industry in Nottinghamshire.

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