National CAMRA Key Campaigns

CAMRA Nationally has four Key Campaigns.

Key Campaign 1 - Stop killing beer and pubs
Key Campaign 2 - To secure an effective government support package for pubs
Key Campaign 3 - Encourage more people to try a range of Real Ale, Cider and Perry
Key Campaign 4 - Raise the profile of pub-going and increase the number of people using pubs regularly


Lobby your election candidate - Part of Key Campaign 1

We are now just a few days away from the General Election and the campaigning begins in earnest today.  It is crucial that candidates standing in your area recognise how important community pubs and real ale are to you as a potential voter.  Already, over 650 candidates have pledged their support.

A network of supportive MPs has been essential to our campaigning successes throughout this Parliament, from three successive beer duty cuts to pub company reform and planning protection for pubs.

Please now join us in urging your election candidates in your area to commit to the following pledges if they are elected:
·         Support well-run community pubs
·         Promote Britain's 1,300 breweries
·         Represent pub goers & beer drinkers

It's a hat-trick - Part of Key Campaign 1

CAMRA is delighted with the hat-trick of an unprecedented third consecutive cut in beer tax, with another penny off a pint, which will be welcomed by millions of beer-drinkers across the country. The last two cuts have already had a huge impact, saving over 1,000 pubs from closure and keeping the price of a pub pint down.  Independent research by CEBR forecasts that the price of a pub pint will now be more than 20p cheaper than it would have been had the beer duty escalator remained in place."A third cut in beer tax is a huge vote of confidence in the importance of pubs and brewing. It will help ensure the sector returns to long term growth after many years of pub closures and falling beer sales, caused in part by a 42% beer tax increase between 2008 and 2012, and throw a lifeline to struggling community pubs across the country.

"Britain is known around the world for great pubs and real ale, and we should all be incredibly proud that this industry has just reported growth for the first time in a decade. We hope Britain's millions of pub goers will head to their local this evening to give three cheers to a historic third cut in beer tax".

This is another monumental success and testament to the thousands of CAMRA members who have supported this Campaign. Working together, CAMRA campaigners like you secured the support of 114 local MPs, which mounted huge pressure on the Chancellor to deliver another Budget for beer drinkers.As CAMRA members we should be incredibly proud that our efforts are having such a positive effect on the industry as a whole. Independent research by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) estimates that the price of a pint will now be more than 20p cheaper than it would have been had the Beer Duty Escalator remained in place. We will now be urging brewers and pub companies to pass on these savings to consumers.

Thank you once again for your support. I look forward to raising a glass this evening to another Budget for beer drinkers!

May is Cider Month! - Part of Key Campaign 3

May and October are months chosen by CAMRA to promote Real Cider and Real Perry.  May is the time when the blossom appears on apple and pear trees and October is the harvest and pressing month.

If you know of an event taking place to promote Real Cider and Real Perry during May please do submit the details here or email your branch cider rep here

Protect small cider makers - Part of Key Campaign 3

The European Union is proposing to ban the UK's small cider producer duty exemption.  This exemption supports very small cider makers, such as hobbyists or farm-gate producers, for whom such small scale production is an integral part of rural culture.The proposed action would see very small cider producers landed with a tax bill of up to £2,700 each and every year. Weare campaigning the Government to reject the EU’s request and put UK cider producers and consumers first.

CAMRA fully supports the production and availability of real ciders and perries and we see this as a serious threat to a great British industry. With the Chancellor’s Budget just around the corner, please help support this campaign by signing our petition “protect small cider producers” which has already secured over 10,000 signatures in five days. Please lend your support today by clicking ont he link below:

In many cases the proposed action would make small scale cider production uneconomic. This is wholly disproportionate given that a small producer selling up to 33 pints a day has no capacity to affect EU trade to any meaningful degree.

The case for rejecting the request by the EU to tax small cider producers:

- Someone producing less than 70hl (12,000 pints) will generally be making less than £10,000 a year in sales. This means the tax exemption only applies to very small businesses, such as hobbyists or farm-gate producers. If a duty were to be levied on these producers it would make their operations uneconomic and lead to wide-spread closure.

- 80% of Britain’s 500+ cider makers are currently small producers. A tax will severely impact on consumer choice and will cause irreparable damage to one of the nation’s most historic industries.

- An exemption from this duty is essential to supporting the growth of a vibrant but still small cider and perry market.

- A tax charge of up to £2,700 would drive many small cider producers out of business costing jobs, harming the countryside and dramatically reducing consumer choice.

Join in the Stout and Porter Stroll - Part of Key Campaign 3

March is Stout and Porter trail promotion in Nottingham branch.  Get involved and taste all the wonderful Ales available.  Also see our Stout & Porter page here.

There's also plenty of opportunity to visit your local pubs during May to take a walk on the Mild.

Posters and point of sale pump clip rossettes are available to order now so that publicans and festivals can quickly and clearly let their customers know what Milds they have on offer.

Support your local and get a carry out - Part of Key Campaign 4

We know that many of you want to support your local but drink at home due to lifestyle and family commitments. CAMRA is launching a nationwide campaign to promote the use of take home containers by pubs to improve their sales of real ale, cider & perry.CAMRA will be making rigid, campaign branded, plastic containers available to all CAMRA Beer Festivals & to branches for distribution to the pubs in their area. The containers will also be accompanied by promotional posters and information leaflets.

Look out for this symbol at festivals and in pubs near you!

April is Community Pubs Month - Part of Key Campaign 4

April is Community Pubs Month.Pubs are vital resources for their communities, offering a meeting place, providing a social hub and acting as a local landmark that can be used by all. The Community Pubs Campaign is designed to give pubs an opportunity to engage with existing and potential customers in their area, building trade, establishing new relationships and helping secure their future success.

In order to get as many pubs as possible involved CAMRA will be making a selection of materials available to all pubs online for downloading and reproduction. A small stock of printed material will also be available upon request for those pubs without the facility to print items.

More information on how your local can get involved can be found by clicking here to visit the Community Pubs Campaign website. 

PubCo Reform Campaign Win - Part of Key Campaign 2

November 18th 2014 saw a landmark Parliamentary vote which secured the future of many pubs.  With nearly 40,000 signatures on a petition and over 200 MP's supporting it, finally the Government announced plans to introduce a Pubs adjudicator and Statutory Code.

Well done to all those who contributed the the campaign, this is a significant win for CAMRA, and will now ensure that pubco licencees can choose between a tied agreement or a market rent only one which would allow them to buy their drinks at competitive prices.

Pubs Matter - Part of Key Campaign 2

Loopholes in the current law mean that pubs can be closed and converted to supermarkets, demolished or converted into other uses without a planning application.  Pubs Matter and deserve to be protected.

Don't let your local community pub become the next on an ever growing list.  Sign up to support the petition by clicking ont he button below.  10,000 signatures are required to force the Government to respond to the petition.

Beer Tax - Part of Key Campaign 1

We successfully campaigned to get not only a freeze in Beer duty, but a reduction and got the Duty escalator scrapped.

In the 2014 Budget we also saw the Chancellor reduce Beer tax again for a second year.

Community Pubs Month - Part of Key Campaign 4

Each year since 2013 CAMRA hold the Community Pubs Month.  This is an entire month dedicated to raising the profile of and promoting pub-going with a view to increasing the number of people who use them.  Each year, pubs publicise activities they are hosting through local branches and a National website.  Look out for events next year here soon.

As a local branch we also send out a monthly Newsletter to all members who have provided an email address, this details pub and brewery activity in our local area. 

We reward Pubs in our area with "Pub of Excellence" certificates when nominations are received, this puts a focus on an establishment who goes that extra mile from the normal Pub/Club.

Call Time on the Great British Pub Scandal - Part of Key Campaign 2

CAMRA launched a petition calling on the Government to stick to its promise of reforming the giant pub companies.  

This week the Government announced tough action to reform the big pub companies in a bid to call time on the great british pub scandal.

Without CAMRA members showing their support and signing the petition, this would not have been possible.  Thank you for being a part of this campaign and showing Government that people care about local community pubs.

The Government has announced it will introduce a new Statutory Code and Pubs Adjudicator which will ensure that publicans are treated fairly and will crack down on sky-high rents and beer prices charged by the big pub companies.

Publicans could see the price they pay for beer fall by up to 60p a pint if the new Adjudicator forces big pubco to match open market prices. As a result we could see cheaper pub prices for customers, more investment and ultimately fewer pub closures.

For more on the campaign please visit the Campaign for Real Ale's website (CAMRA):

The next step for the campaign is to fight for the Government to go even further with the reforms and allow tied publicans to buy beer on the open market. Also at present the reforms only apply to England and Wales but we will continue to push for reforms to be introduced across the UK.

Thank you for helping the campaign get this far!

National planning loophole - Part of Key Campaign 2

Our pubs are under threat with 26 closing every week. A big part of this is due to national planning loopholes in England that mean community pubs can be demolished or converted to other uses including shops and supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, betting shops and pay day loan stores without planning permission or community consultation.  

Supermarkets – CAMRA’s November 2012 branches survey indicated that 207 pubs were converted to supermarkets between January 2010 and November 2012. Our data is currently being updated, and branches have found even more examples. Many more pubs have also been converted to other kinds of shop.

Betting shops – Too many pubs are being converted to betting shops which do not provide the same community amenity as pubs.

Demolition – The demolition of pubs is classed as “permitted development” meaning planning permission is not required. Between 2003 and 2012, 414 former pubs were demolished in London alone.

Restaurants and cafes - Pubs can also be converted to restaurants and cafés without planning permission. While in some cases restaurants or cafés may provide a similar community space to a pub, conversion to a restaurant (open only to diners) is a significant change from a pub where any adult can enjoy a drink without ordering food.

Under Key Campaign 2: To Secure an Effective Government Support Package for Pubs we are working to close national planning loopholes. One way we are taking this forward is by encouraging Councils and parish councils to submit proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act.  The Sustainable Communities Act is a law that allows people to demand action from Government to help their community. This campaign seeks to use the Act to make Government make the change to planning law that we need. The Act is the perfect tool to do this because Government cannot just say “no” to ideas that are put forward, they must negotiate and reach agreement with an independent panel.

Our proposal is:

“That the Government help protect community pubs in England by ensuring that planning permission and community consultation are required before community pubs are allowed to be converted to betting shops, supermarkets and pay-day loan stores or other uses, or are allowed to be demolished.”

CAMRA is a longstanding supporter of the Act as a means to delivering bottom-up change that our communities want. Proposals that have previously been put forward have delivered a consultation on restrictive covenants, and the Government promising action to prevent the sale of alcohol below cost price. We are working in partnership with the campaigning organisation Local Works to develop this as they specialise in effectively using this Act

Alongside Local Works we have written to the Leader and Chief Executive of every Council in England, asking them to put the proposal forward.  So far we know of 14 Councils which have resolved to write to the Government putting forward proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act to make these reforms, with many more due to debate a motion in the coming months. The Councils are:

Kirklees Southampton Norwich Ealing Spelthorne Nottingham Oxford Blackburn with Darwen Bradford Boston Brighton & Hove Colchester Knowsley Chesterfield

More information, including the full proposal document with all the statistics and other detail, is available at

CAMRA’s Public Affairs Team is also available to provide advice and support:

Jonathan Mail - Head of Public Affairs 01727 798 448

Emily Ryans - Campaigns Manager 01727 798 447

Claire Cain - Campaigns Officer 01727 798 452


List Your Local  - Part of Key Campaign 2


Is a local pub near you up for sale?  Do you consider it an Asset of Community Value (ACV)?  If you do then the new powers introduced under the Localism Act mean that pubs can be nominated as assets of community value with your local council.  This provides additional protection from developers, and will mean the pub can’t be sold on without the  community being told.  If a listed pub goes up for sale, its ACV status has the power to postpone the sale for up to six  months. That’s enough time for pub campaigners to gather together a bid to buy the pub and run it as community owned using the Community Right to Bid powers.

Listing a pub proves how valuable it is to the local community – and councils can take this into  account when considering planning applications against the pub. Property developers looking for  a hassle-free purchase are less likely to show interest if a pub is listed.

You can download the ACV nomination form here  and see the useful guide on how to nominate a pub as an ACV here.



Drink local ales in your local pub. Initiated by Nottingham branch and transport 2000 to get pubs to stock at least one local ale (brewed within 20 miles of pub) at all times, and to encourage customers to drink locally produced ale (within 20 miles of the pub). Thus cutting down on transport in an effort to help save the planet form carbon emissions.

So look out for the LocAle crowns on the pump clips.

C?yclops  Part of Key Campaign 3

The 'Cyclops' generic real ale campaign is an initiative that has been created to help and educate pub goers that are interested in giving real ale a try for the very first time, or have only tried a few pints and want to find out more!

The campaign has been designed to inform new real ale drinkers of what style of beer they are drinking, what its alcohol content is, what the beer should look like, what it should smell like and of course, what it should taste like using very simple but informative language Learn More

Download Customer Guide

?Save Our Pubs Campaign  Part of Key Campaign 2

With the most recent Beer & Pub Association report highlighting that 31 pubs are closing every week, CAMRA has to do more than ever to support local pubs through these difficult times.

What can I do? Link to the campaign to find out more

F?ind out about more campaigns on the National CAMRA web site by clicking here 



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