Helping to save our pubs

As you have visited this web page there is a good chance you enjoy a decent pint and that you go to the pub, and you enjoy pubs.

You have probably noticed that many pubs are in serious difficulty, and you will be aware of pubs that you have known well, or that have been there for generations, that have closed down. Pubs are in trouble. Not all of them, but far too many.

There will always be a need to support quality real ale, but there are more breweries than ever before and the micro scene is flourishing. The real danger is that with pubs under threat, the places to drink these fine products are disappearing. A decent pub needs real ale, but real ale needs pubs.

It’s fair to say pubs have never before faced the problems they face now. Day after day another pub closes, gets converted into something else, or gets demolished – gone forever! The loss to our society is incalculable.

Now this isn’t a plea to save every pub, nor is it the case that every pub was a great place. But as pubs close our society changes, we lose places to meet, places to socialise (and places that can sell decent beer). We lose an important part of our culture because there is nothing, anywhere else in the world, like the British pub.

It’s because of these concerns that a few like minded people have come together in Nottingham to see what can be done. That is how the Nottingham Pubs Group got set up. If you would like to join the group please do.

The Nottingham Pub Group aims to:

  • Help promote pubs so they are valued for their important role
  • Help advise and support communities who want to save their pub
  • Keep aware of plans to change pubs to other uses, and oppose those changes when they will destroy perfectly viable pub businesses
  • Lobby decision makers about the problems pubs face, especially unfair business terms and exorbitant rents
  • Promote the historic character of pubs, their design and architectural features, especially the rare unaltered pubs in the area
  • Encourage people to get out to the pub and support their local pubs

In short, do what we can to help keep pubs alive and well.

The pub group exchanges news and information through the Nottingham Pubs Group e-mail distribution list, and meets regularly. If you’d like to get more involved, or just be added to the list to keep up to date with the things the group is doing e-mail

We need the knowledge and skills of people who enjoy pubs. If you think that includes you - get in touch!


The Nottingham Pubs group was established in early 2013 as over the past few years we have become increasingly concerned at the continuing loss of so many of the area’s pubs and we felt it was time more should be done about it.

We were referred to the Bristol & District CAMRA Pubs Campaigning Group, which promotes the use of community pubs, campaigns against the closure of pubs that are or could be viable and campaigns against unsympathetic alterations of pubs and suggested that a similar group should be considered for Nottingham. In their first 18 months the Bristol group had been very successful in saving a number of pubs, insisting on the restoration of the a pub’s historic interior following partial destruction, successfully opposing a change of use, influencing a large pub company to drop a restrictive covenant on the sale of one of their pubs and challenging the use of restrictive covenants elsewhere. They have also been making significant representation of pub interests on many planning applications in their area, as well as with local Councils, Lobbying MPs regarding related issues and raising the issue of the plight of pubs in the media including newspapers, radio and TV. For up to date information on the Bristol group visit

The Nottingham Pubs group was set up to follow the lead of the Bristol group. It is intended for anyone who was interested, it will certainly not be restricted to CAMRA members, indeed we don’t envisage this as a purely CAMRA venture, but anticipate other like minded groups wishing to be involved alongside us. Knowledge or expertise in the area of planning would be useful, but more important is a passion to see something done about the destruction of our city’s pubs.

If you are interested in this project please email us.


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