Diversity Initiative

What is Nottingham CAMRA's Diversity Initiative all about? 

One of CAMRA's national aims is to encourage more people to try a range of real ales, real cider and real perry. It is something that we are also keen to do as a branch and we are choosing to call it the Diversity Initiative. The definition of our diversity initiative is: 'To encourage the membership and activity of all minority groups within the branch'.

We live in city where the population is very diverse and we would like this to be represented within the branch. The 2013 Brew-Off, for example, where male and female members of different ages and backgrounds teamed up to brew a beer together for the 2013 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival, was so successful that we ran it again in 2014. We want all of our members to be active together and the brew off was one way of achieving that; hopefully it will encourage more people to get involved with branch activities in the future.

Ultimately all we want to do is to ensure that CAMRA continues to be successful for many years to come, and for this to be possible we need new members to sign up, to be active - and primarily to enjoy themselves. This is what the initiative is all about, it is nothing to do with being politically correct. It is however, all to do with being social, joining in and having fun regardless of who you are.

Leanne Rhodes, Nottingham CAMRA member who leads the Diversity Initiative said: "I received many negative comments when I first started to drink real ale - which is why I am keen banish the stereotype of the typical CAMRA member and to make everybody feel comfortable enough to join the branch."


2014 Diversity Brew Off

Last year we held our first very successful - and great fun! - Diversity Brew Off at the 2013 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival. The Diversity Brew Off is a bit of have-a-go fun, where mixed teams of all ages and sexes get to have a go at working in a team with a brewery, to brew a special beer that goes on sale at the Nottingham Festival in October. The incentive is that the Diversity Beers are involved in a fun “Brew Off” competition where visitors to our festival get to taste and then vote for their favourite beer.

The winner in 2013 was the beer brewed by the Lincoln Green Brewery team: “Team Magnificent 7” won the day with “Merry Mayhem” a 4.6% ABV pale beer. It’s a day-long experience where you will work with the brewers to devise a beer’s style and flavours, and then be involved in the whole brewing process. All of those involved last year had a great time and a fun competitive spirit emerged.

The breweries this year are Blue Monkey, Castle Rock, Lincoln Green, Magpie and Totally Brewed - the final brews were premiered at this year’s 2014 Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival. 

The 2014 winning Brewery was Magpie Brewery with "A Tempting Murder".  Well done to all those involved.



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